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This web site is under currently under redevelopment and redesign. Please be understanding while we get to work.

What We're All About The purpose of this Web site is to provide a forum where steak lovers everywhere can gather to share stories, recipes, restaurant reviews, and anything else relating to that wonderful entree. The creators of this Web site, the ChiefCowEater and ChiefMeatInspector, have long been fond of steak. For many years we have talked about our mutual enjoyment of the Dead Cow. So you could say that this site is also a personal "shrine" to that magical repast.

What's Up With The Name? Let's face it. Where, exactly, did that enticing medium-rare Porterhouse steak come from that is presently resting atop that dinner plate in front of you? That's right. No matter how you look at it, it is a slab of Dead Cow. While not offensive to us (but then little is!), this term may be offensive to others. Our advice? Get over it. If you're one who can't call a Dead Cow a Dead Cow, then this is not the place for you. If you're not bothered, then welcome!

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